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 £1 per week – Simply pick 10 numbers between 1-59 and submit your entry via e-mail to or by using the form below

Any number that you have chosen which is then picked out in the Main National Lottery draw each Saturday & Wednesday (incl Bonus ball), is then crossed off your list of 10 – hence it’s Purple Bingo or P-ingo!

  • The first person to have all 10 number crossed off wins the prize fund, which is 50% of the total money collected.

  • If your weekly payments are not up to date you can’t win the prize. Any numbers crossed off that week, will be placed back into your list until your monies are upto date.

  • It is possible that the prize fund may be shared by more than 1 winner.

  • The Prize fund is split 50/50 with the club and the club commits to donating 10% of it’s share of all winnings to Supporting Foodbanks.