COLFC women rising to the challenge

COLFC Warriors & Community Sessions had humble beginnings in a park in Toxteth in July 2022, where we just had cones, balls, a couple of goals and loads of players eager to play!

It was created by COLFC Community staff, Sean Lindblad and Bryn Davies with help from friends of the club Laura and Mia.

We wanted to create a group that welcomed people from any background; to create a family that pushed each other to improve in the aim to create a unified team that could compete at the highest level possible.

Having a commitment to ethics that align with the broader COLFC club isn’t for the sake of it, we believe that having this outlook will break down the barriers that prevent talented individuals from reaching their potential in football.

For the past half a year we have played in the FAs She Inspires League, finishing 2nd place in the championship, a fantastic start to our team!

It’s been a great experience as it’s the first time many of our players have played competitive football and more experienced players have enjoyed getting back into it.

Also in October we had Jay Maguire join our ranks as a coach who has brought a lot of experience from his time at MSB Woolton Men’s team, he now coaches alongside Bryn each week and is integral to how we function and the way we train.

Around the same time we formed a steering group which consists of the coaches plus Sean and Hannah Mason, who represents the players and runs our social media channels. This group has grown to be a great success and has streamlined and democratised the organisation of the team.

Now we have a fantastic sponsor in The Carpenters group we also have our 1st team kits. With over 15 players committed to playing for the club in Leagues we now want to push on.

So for 2023/24 we are aiming to compete in Division 3 of the Merseyside FA Women’s and Youth League.

As well as our Warriors team, we want to continue to develop our community football teams that welcome anyone of any ability, provide them with high quality coaching and tailored feedback every week from qualified coaches.

We also aim to introduce these players into competitive football at the level that suits them and use this group as a source of talent for our first team.

We believe that our community football sessions are what makes us stronger as a group, and naturally will form a support network that we will need whilst progressing in the future.

Come and join the club.

We are always looking for new people to join our ranks, whether that be playing, coaching, doing photos or videos or just giving a helping hand.
Joining our sessions could lead to playing competitively, a pathway to professional coaching or learning to run and develop a football club, COLFC Warriors!

We really want self driven individuals that have a strong desire to push themselves and this club towards success whilst helping it champion its ethics of a club that represents people from marginalised backgrounds.

Now and in the future we want to be a club that provides opportunities for Women from all classes, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds as well as aim to carve a future for trans and non binary players in competitive sport.

We have Partisan on our flags and shirts so we aim to follow our beliefs without compromise.